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Donald Stranathan

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I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer in June of 2009. Since then I have undergone radiation and chemotherapy for the lung cancer and Genzar for metastasis to my liver. I started on Tarceva in January of 2010 and it kept me stable for over six years. In November of 2015 after a new tumor was discovered in my left lung, I underwent genomic sequencing. I decided on Opdivo and again have stable disease after 37 infusions. In November of 2016 a lung bleb collapsed my right lung which required a Vat’s procedure and a Talc procedure to correct. After these procedures, my lung looked normal and a biopsy of the tissue showed no sign of cancer. I met Penny Blume the love of my life on a cancer web site in 2011. Penny passed from small cell lung cancer on 1-21-2014, my last promise to her was to continue to advocate for lung cancer research and awareness.

Job Title: Patient Advocate

Company: Stage 4 Lung Cancer Survivor

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