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Sara began her journey into the birth world after seeing the immense gaps in care during the births of her 2 nephews in 2004/2006. Realizing how difficult it was for mothers to gain access to education and support, Sara decided to become a doula so she could slowly begin to fill that gap and empower women on their path to motherhood. Since then, she has become a mother herself to two beautiful daughters and it has given her an entirely new perspective on the birth experience. After her second Daughter was born in 2013, Sara experienced what 1 in 7 moms go through every single year, and that is Postpartum Depression & Anxiety. This challenging experience has inspired her to move forward with improving maternal mental health across Saskatchewan and has become a strong advocate for mothers in her area. Sara is now a CAPPA Certifed Labour Doula & Faculty Member, specializing in Postpartum Social Support, and is working to provide high-quality training courses so more women can access this very effective support service.  Her goal is to change the way women plan for and experience new motherhood by placing the power of education and strong community back into the hands of mothers. Sara is a strong supporter of inspiring positive change in Maternal Health by investing in high quality, evidence-based prenatal education and creating new pathways for continuous social support throughout the first year postpartum.  Above all, she serves women in her community by raising awareness for Postpartum Depression and is a consistent resource for new mothers who are struggling and need guidance and support. She is the proud owner of Family First Doula Service & Maternal Wellness in Regina Sk, Canada and you can reach her directly at or online at

Job Title: Patient Expert

Company: Maternal Mental Health Research Collaborative

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