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Jeri Burtchell has extensive experience as a patient advocate. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999 and spent 8 years on therapy that wasn’t working for her on the advice of her diagnosing neurologist. Upon switching doctors in 2007, she was encouraged to join a Phase 3 study for the first-ever pill form of treatment for MS. She blogged her trial from start to finish in what would later become recognized as the first ever patient blog to chronicle study participation. Subsequently, Ms. Burtchell was invited to speak at pharmaceutical conferences providing the patient perspective on the topics of protocol development, raising awareness about participation, and the intersection of research and social media. In her role at HealthiVibe, Ms. Burtchell works closely with patients and advocacy groups to recruit participants for qualitative research projects. She is also editor-in-chief of the blog at HealthiVibe, The Patient Lens, and works with patients to share their stories of living with chronic illness and disease in order to help sponsors gain insights into the patient perspective. Ms. Burtchell is extensively involved in developing patient-facing materials for projects at HealthiVibe as well as producing all of the patient testimonials and compilation videos.

Title: Director, Patient Initiatives

Company/Affiliation: HealthiVibe, LLC

Industry: Life Sciences

Interest: Patient Engagement, MS Activism, Clinical Trial Awareness

Twitter: @FingoHead


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