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Karen Anaid Solis Gonzalez

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Prior to becoming an 11 Health member, Karen was a sports psychologist at ITESO University in Mexico and was also working at INSTINTO as a Sports Psychology Consultant. Overall Karen has more than 10 years’ experience working with athletes from beginners to Olympics level, 4 years as Vice President of the Mexican Society of Sports Psychology and Physical Activity. She actively organized national conferences and academic projects and spent 4 years leading the educational sports area at the University by developing educative models for trainers and athletes. Karen has 11 years of practice as a professor and is the proud creator of the 4th editions of Academic Journeys of Physical Activity World Day and the 3rd. editions of Summer Sports Clinics.

In 2013-2014, Karen became an e-scholar at Stanford Medicine X and started her blog with publications to help people in her country with the same condition as herself (Fibromyalgia). Karen also has a degree in Psychology and Master’s in Education and Knowledge Management by ITESO (Jesuit University in Guadalajara). Karen is actually leading the Psychology aspect of 11 Health understanding the psychosocial and educational needs on ostomy patients and developing adherence models for them and stakeholders by using the vision of Every one Included Model to create new and effective solutions for final users.

Title: Psychologist

Company/Affiliation: 11 Health

Industry: Health care

Interest: Quality of life, wearables, fibromyalgia, ostomates,

Twitter: @karenasolis

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/karen-anaid-solis-gonz%C3%A1lez-0ab1357b/

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