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Kristina Sheridan is a long-term caregiver and patient advocate with 25 years of experience in enterprise systems engineering. She is the department head for MITRE’s Enterprise Transition Planning and Execution Department and the Principal investigator for a research project focused on patient empowerment. Ms. Sheridan is researching how information technology solutions can empower patients to collect, track, and share active patient-generated data, effectively manage their conditions between appointments, and fully partner with their care team. As part of this research, her team has developed an iPad application called “Patient Toolkit” to demonstrate best design practices and execute pilots to measure the value of patient-facing tools and their impact on the clinical setting. Ms. Sheridan combines her experience as a caregiver for chronic pediatric patients and as an enterprise systems engineer to help the healthcare and health IT communities understand the complexities of managing chronic illness and design tools that ease the day-to-day burden of managing care.

Ms. Sheridan advocates creating tools and processes to capture patient stories and data so that care teams can develop treatment plans that best meet patients’ goals and needs. Ms. Sheridan has been a trusted advisor to senior government officials at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and the Veterans Health Administration. Ms. Sheridan applied enterprise transition planning and systems engineering best practices to develop an FDA IT Roadmap to support the Food Safety Modernization Act, the VHA Connected Health Roadmap, and the stand-up of the IT Directorate for the CMS Innovation Center. Ms. Sheridan also provided technical expertise and leadership during the migration of two FDA operations centers.

Prior to working for MITRE, Ms. Sheridan spent 18 years launching and operating communication satellites for Intelsat Corporation, a provider of

worldwide satellite services with a fleet of over 60 satellites. She served as flight lead, operations manager, and manager of the data-handling team.

Ms. Sheridan received her B.S. in Mathematics from Lancaster University, UK, and her M.S. in Astronautics and Space Engineering from Cranfield University, UK.

Title: Department Head/Researcher

Company/Affiliation: MITRE

Interest: Patient Empowerment, Patient Advocacy, Patient Generated Data, Patient Health IT, and Enterprise Architecture and Transformation

Industry: FFRDC

Twitter: @k_sheridan1


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