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Liz Salmi is a curious person-turned citizen scientist who turned her brain cancer diagnosis into an open source chronicle of the patient experience through her blog Liz is a 2017 fellow of the Salzburg Global Seminar, served as a 2016 TEDMED Frontline Scholar, Stanford Medicine X e-Patient Scholar, and is featured in The Open Patient: Healing Through Sharing, a documentary about patients seeking access to their own health data. In a 2013 TEDx Talk, Liz spoke on how patients are using the Internet to form their own support networks.

As a communications professional with a background in digital communication, design and community organizing, Liz is passionate about empowering regular people to become more engaged in their own health care and improve their experience as patients.

When she’s not talking about patient engagement, Liz is a consultant and advocate for OpenNotes, a national movement encouraging doctors, nurses, and other health professionals to share the notes they write with the patients they care for, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality and safety of care.

Title: Communicator, Designer, Patient

Company/Affiliation: e-patient

Interest: Transparency and openness in health care, patient-driven research, the quantified self, open source health data, and neuroscience.

Industry: healthcare

Twitter: @TheLizArmy


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