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Malie K. Collins is Program Coordinator of the Stanford Neurosurgical Simulation and Virtual Reality Center. She leads the first medical 3D virtual reality (VR) program in the greater Pacific Northwest at Stanford Health Care, including the first ever VR-enabled clinics for spine and functional neurosurgery in the United States. Malie is responsible for translating medical imaging such as CT and MRI into patient-specific, 3D volumetric models and bringing VR to nearly 450 patients across the clinic and O.R. to-date. She continues to develop this technology as a patient engagement and surgical planning tool for specialties and indications such as Moyamoya, minimally invasive neurospine, cerebrovascular, and functional neurosurgery. She is also incorporating simulation technology and VR applications for medical education and neurosurgical training.

Malie earned her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering with an emphasis in neuroscience at the University of Southern California, and a master’s in Medical Sciences from Boston University School of Medicine with a thesis in ENS neurogenesis. She is actively involved in research, investigating the impact of virtual reality on patient education and satisfaction in the neurosurgical clinic consultation, specifically as applied to Deep Brain Stimulation. Other interests include cerebrovascular imaging, neurosurgery, and stroke recovery.

Company: Stanford Health Care

Job Title: Program Coordinator, Stanford Neurosurgical Simulation and Virtual Reality Center

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