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Manish Chauhan

About Me

Dr. Chauhan is an interventional cardiologist who provides clinical consultation and specializes in catheter-based cardiac, peripheral vascular and structural heart procedures. Founder of Cardio-Visual LLC, developers of CardioVisual, a free and easy-to-use medical mobile app packed with short videos about various heart and vascular conditions and treatments that help healthcare providers simply explain conditions to their patients. Patients can use CardioVisual at home to learn more about their heart disease and engage better with their providers. Dr. Chauhan is also involved in clinical trials and research of medical devices and innovative technologies. He consults with the Harvard Clinical Research Institute for clinical trials safety and oversight committees. He also works with numerous medical device companies on product development, innovation and training.

Title: Cardiologist

Company/Affiliation: CardioVisual

Interest: Cardiovascular Disease, Interventional Cardiology

Twitter: @cardiovisualapp

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