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Neil Patel

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Neil reports to Healthbox’s Board of Directors and is responsible for executing the company’s vision. Healthbox is helps healthcare organizations innovate from the inside and out. The firm’s products and services advance strategies that support a culture of idea generation, business creation, and entrepreneurial collaboration. Healthbox is proud to work with healthcare leaders across the country who share our passion for harnessing and advancing solutions to empower the reinvention of healthcare. Prior to joining Healthbox, Neil worked at The Chartis Group, where he developed long-range strategic plans for children’s hospitals, integrated delivery networks, and academic medical centers. Neil started his career at Sg2 in a technology evaluation and consulting role, focusing on surgical services, operations, and enterprise strategic planning. Neil holds a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and an MBA with concentrations in finance, healthcare, and entrepreneurship from The Kellogg School of Management.

Title: President

Company/Affiliation: Healthbox

Interest: Digital Health, Healthcare Delivery, Value-Based Care, Quality Improvement, Patient and Provider Experience

Industry: Innovation

Twitter: @neiljpat



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